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I'm grateful for the kind comments I have received.  Here are a couple of testimonials from a recent presentation to a small business management class at South Dakota State University.  

"As a professor economics at South Dakota State University, one of my purposes is to develop competent professionals in the fields of economics and management. Students need to master both the theory and be able to apply their skills in the real world, including the ability to problem solve and provide leadership. As a role model for leadership in a demanding work environment, for over 10 years Sally Damm, MSA has been a guest speaker in my small business management class at South Dakota State University.


Ms. Damm has a unique ability to capture my student’s undivided attention and drive home leadership lessons from the real world that every student needs to fully comprehend in order to be effective in today’s competitive environment. Each semester when Ms. Damm speaks in my class, I see my students listening, engaged, and taking notes. My students leave her lecture with a greater understanding of how to put in place the commitment required for a business to thrive."


                                       George Langelett, Ph.D.

                   Professor, SDSU Dept. of Economics



After I spoke to the SDSU small business management class, I was touched to receive this note from one of the students...

"At the beginning of your lecture, you said that you know that you're not beautiful.  I just want you to know that you're wrong.  I think you are beautiful both inside and out.


Thanks for speaking with our class today.  You do some amazing work."

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