Sally has made a variety of presentations and is available to present to your group or organization.  Below is a sampling of the topics on which she has spoken:

Television presentations include:


South Dakota Public TV

Dakota Life

Intergenerational Living in Brookings

Original air date: 5/1/14




South Dakota Public TV

South Dakota Focus

Elder Abuse

Original air date: 12/13/12




South Dakota Public TV

South Dakota Focus

End of Life Issues

Original air date: 9/11/14


Watch Sally present at "One Million Cups"

Speaking presentations include:


  • ACHCA: American College of Health Care Administrators, South Carolina, and Florida

  • AAHSA: American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, Maryland and Colorado

  • Assisted Living Association of South Dakota

  • The International Eden Alternative Conference, Washington State

  • American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, Detroit, Michigan

  • Minnesota Manor Health Care Center, Inc., Minnesota

  • Minnesota West Community & Technical College

  • South Dakota State University: Cooperative Extension Service

  • South Dakota Fourth Annual Caregivers’ Conference

  • University Week for Women

  • South Dakota Conference on Aging

  • South Dakota Association for the Education of Young Children

  • South Dakota Head Start Association

  • Dakota Transit Association- public transportation agencies within the states of North and South Dakota

  • Women in Leadership and Learning, Brookings, SD

  • Brookings Area Transit Authority

General and Direct Staff presentations:



A.L.I.V.E. - Alleviating Loneliness in a Vibrant Environment.  30 minute to 1-hour:  Staff development programs.



Ten Lessons from Thelma.  1-hour:  Inspirational/Motivational


Stop for just 10 seconds………. Reflect on the life skills you have learned.  Ask yourself; from whom did I learn these life skills?..... Did you learn from your parents? Your teachers? Your neighbors? In your house of worship?  Your life skills or your perception of lack of skills were most likely learned by encounters or by influences of someone older. As a practical guide the lessons I share are from an intergenerational point of view, with a childhood twist.


As Thelma’s daughter grew older it seemed the entire neighborhood would come together in time of need and fellowship.  The Lymans ensured Thelma youngest would attend the week of Bible school at Hope church.  The Frog parents without question kept Thelma’s 3rd grader from March to May after the house fire so she would finish school at Riverside.  Vern, Thelma’s brother, would perform many acts of kindness and caring for his sister’s family over many years. The one act that is imbedded in the daughter’s mind is sitting on his lap during her daddy’s funeral. Joe, Saliah’s brother, would provide the money for the concrete footing and basement walls for the farm house.  He would bring ice cream or watermelon to the family events.


If your experience was positive then use it to your greatest advantage. If the experience was less than ideal, take what was good, put aside the negative, and push through to the success to which you aspire.  No excuses, no blame, no reasons, no allowances for the past to control your future. 



“Leadership V Style"


Leadership V style explores the methods of and responses to leadership positions. The attendees are asked to participate in a discussion of how everyone is capable of leadership in the workplace, home, and community.  Attendees learn that the power of leadership may be used for positive or negative outcomes. The discussion is centered around the philosophy that leadership begins with the person in the mirror and the simplicity of supporting one another in an ever-changing environment.



Empowerment = Responsibility=Leadership


Empowerment is a powerful word and when put into action becomes a working environment that is positive, productive, and a culture that has potential for growth. It is essential for businesses to discover the reasons employees are leaving or staying in the work place. This is the key to reducing staff turnover and improving the work place environment. Discussion will center around the concept that empowerment of staff also brings with it an equal amount of responsibility and leadership skills. In other words, if staff desire to be empowered with decision-making authority, then they must understand that it comes with responsibility and leadership skills which must be developed.



“Yes” I still Work at the Home and Proud of it”


Do you still work at the home? This interactive address is based on the powerful journey of caring for and about people.  After a 31+ year career, I still believe that care-giving is a desirable profession.  That job satisfaction and personal fulfillment can be a reality when leadership begins with the face in the mirror.  Simple B-Attitudes are thoughtful tools that may be used to regenerate, rejuvenate and find the simplicity of staying in love with the work you do everyday. The profession of caring for and about people is wrought with high turnover, long hours, high staff-client ratio, and often, little positive feedback. While employees may have a deep desire and commitment to the work they do finding true achievement and contentment in such an environment can seem impossible. Sally Damm’s B-Attitudes can keep you saying "Yes, I Still work at the…….and Proud of It.”



“Going to the Nursing Home to Live”


It is past time for the health care industry to positively respond to the negative image of “you go nursing homes to die.”  There must be a passion for change in the industry to prove this image is wrong.  No one person can transform the attitudes of the nation, but one person can start the process. It will not be easy or quick, but it must begin.  Here's how:


  • First, we must begin within ourselves. We must have a passion about the healthcare industry. We must believe it’s a calling, not just a job.

  • Second, we must encourage, develop, educate, and train our replacements.


The leadership today must be role models for tomorrow. This presentation helps define the unique niches one can identify as the people’s needs. The audience will reach for the stars and leave with a newfound motivation. Participants will be challenged to make a decision to begin the process within themselves and within the facilities for which they are responsible. They will be summoned to make a decision as to the image they desire, how to go after it, and how to become passionate about representing the health care industry of the future



A View from Both Sides – “The Conversation”   http://theconversationproject.org/


In story form attendees will be exposed to a journey through the health care system. The presentation will emphasize the importance of the caregivers and receivers role throughout the pilgrimage. Utilizing the health care services is an expedition for the recipient and at its best an excursion for the helper. The view will give a chronological narrative from the onset of illness, decisions with life or death consequences, the use of community services, the progression through the health care system and the final act of independence. The narrative will provide a realistic understanding of concerns, solutions, acceptance and an insight from a consumer and provider. This parable will bring the audience into the day-to-day life of a caregiver and a recipient. If laughter is the best medicine and tears cleanse the soul, attendees will leave feeling uplifted with a new view of their responsibilities.

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